My Networking and according Links

I mention those groups, where I have been most active in recent years.

c-base Berlin: Literary activity in the course of the arrangement of archives and science fiction, see me as navigator  in my time machine

Child Survivors Germany: Survivors of the Holocaust.

DGfH: German society for wood research, in particular concerning the Bionic Saws from the IFIAT

FDP: Activities as member of the German Liberal Party, member since 1975; Contributions in special committees, first regarding security politics, currently media/culture and social affairs

GNL: Society for New Literature, Berlin; member of prose group

IFIAT: Institute For Interdisciplinary and Alternative Technological Development, Styria/Austria, founding member, and in charge for publications

JKV: Jewish Culture Association, Berlin

Lichtblick (ray of hope), Association for promotion of prisoner magazine

MUSE: the Japanese Network of Museums for Peace / Kyoto; contact and cooperation via Yamane Kazuyo since 1985, with special emphasis on the long term impact of atomic radiation

Network Future: a professional association for methods of evaluation, technology assessment, and generally future studies

Spree AG, Berlin: member of prose group

Tekom: society for technical communication, with local group in Berlin

Who's Who in the World: Own entry since 1986 due to intense publications about "nuclear war" and "information society".  

Who's Who in Engineering: Own achievements include invention of neurological cyber brick model "Cayenne" in 1957, see also current project 33 at IFIAT. My task was promotion of modernisation in machinery, main projects were digital loom, wire-stretcher, forklifts and Bionic Saw.