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As a physicist I had written several books regarding technology assessment. Then 2004, aged 65, I shifted towards essays, fiction, even poems, see own texts for overview. Once a while I support Wikipedia, currently 2010/2011 I explain Wikileaks to non believers.

In industry as co-owner of "Patent Interconsulting GmbH" I had promoted the Bionic Saw with inventor Christoph Rossmann, forklifts with my son Leo, wire stretchers with IFIAT/Austria see

Further publication of my texts shall be welcome. For this purpose I recommend according contact, easiest per email via

As a sideline I act as "timemachine navigator phila", watch crew at, and my picture at, and I love to download talkshows out of past and future.

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: My life has been in detail connected with my scientific, industrial and fiction work.

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There is a new book, published by in October 2019:

Philipp Sonntag:
Forever Alert - German Child Survivors in Action Before 1945 and Beyond; 2019. Beggerow publisher, Berlin, 2019, 240 pages; ISBN 978-3-936103-75-5. 16 € (inclusive shipping and handling).

Philipp had edited several books in German language, now his summary and extension in English has been published. Easiest way to get this book (for 16 €, about 18 $) is to put the own address into PayPal at the special website for this book: