Nuclear sharing – a European tightrope walk between deterrence and devotion


This text of Philipp Sonntag has been written April 2022 in the overall context of Confidence-building measures (CBMs).


PDF-File:  cbmPhilSoENG.pdf


The risk of escalation to nuclear war appears unusually high during the 2022 conventional war in Ukraine. On this occasion, Philipp Sonntag tries to provide points of reference for dealing with the risks diplomatically. He has been professionally active in this field since 1964 and is familiar with the current challenges.


The English text is a translation of the German text, as published on April 4, 2022 in the German magazine BLICKPUNKT ZUKUNFT, both in print and on the Internet.


Nukleare Teilhabe – eine europäische Gratwanderung zwischen Abschreckung und Zuwendung. In BLICKPUNKT ZUKUNFT (Viewpoint Future) Ausgabe 73, April 2022, 42. Jahrgang, Seite 4-10,  see also:



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